Alisha M Maples

Name:Alisha M Maples
Specialty:Certified Residential Property Appraiser
Review:1 client review
Location:139 Mingarry Drive
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
Phone: 912-727-6015
Fax: 912-727-5408

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by aimat98, May. 18, 2018

My husband and I own a property and it was appraised by Mrs. Maples in Hinesville, Ga. She was very friendly and appraised our property. We changed our garage into a room about 3 years ago. In her report Mrs. Maples stated that she was unsure if the changes were done to city code. All construction was done up to code. Yes, there was damage done to the property because we have lived there for 9 years. However, the rug was torn up and laminate flooring was put down. Tile was put down in the kitchen and bathrooms. New carpet was put in the upstairs bedrooms. Concrete was poured for extra driveway. The roof is less than 10 years old and both of the air condition units are less than 3 years old. However, none of these things were included in the report. She only stated the wear and tear. Shed did not include any upgrade in her report and appraised our home $30,000 less than what we bought it for. There is no way our home incurred $30,000 worth of damage in 9 years. After disputing the appraisal she still refused to raise the price without finding further information on the property. I was very disappointed with her work and would not recommend her to anyone else. Sometimes when dealing with people's livelihoods we need to at least take a look and take some things into consideration. The fact that she tried to find no other information about the property and stuck with her original appraisal was very unprofessional.

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